※CLUB LISNサービスの対象外です。
For orders from outside Japan
We do not accept orders from outside Japan through our online store.
Please complete the International Order Form with the required information, and send it to us.
We will contact you via email.

Important note:
* Our products are intended for sales to consumers only.
We do not accept orders for the purpose of resale or redistribution.
* Inquiry only by English or Japanese via email or FAX.
* CLUB LISN is out of scope.
Steps for orders
  • 1. Select items and complete the required information on the International Order Form.
    Check our catalog to find your favorite items and please input Item Number(6 digits started with 8)to oder form.
    You will receive a confirming email of the content of your transmission to the email address provided, so please check the information carefully.
    * We ship only to the purchaser’s address.
  • 2. Notification of order received, total amount, and shipping fees
    After checking the details of your order, we will send a notification email with the total amount of the merchandise, along with packing and shipping fees.
    Please refer to the chart below for applicable packing and shipping fees.
packing and shipping fee up to 1kg
China / Korea / Taiwan 2000
Asia (excluding China, South Korea and Taiwan) 3000
Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe 4200
United States (including overseas territories such as Guam) 5100
Latin America (excluding Mexico) / Africa 5000

From June 1, 2021, "Temporary EMS additional charge" has been added.
When total product weight exceeds 1kg, we will notify you separately.
We will also attach an invoice, so please check the information, and confirm receipt to us by email.
Your order will begin processing when we receive the confirmation email from you.
If all information on the invoice is correct, the next step is payment by credit card.

  • 3. Credit card payment
    We use PG Multi Payment Service, an online payment system provided by
    GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.(GMO-PG)
    The input of credit card information for payment process is carried out at GMO-PG’s site.
    We will send an email with the URL for the credit payment page to the email address provided.
    Go to the provided URL, and complete the payment process within the specified period following the instructions.
    We will begin the shipping process upon confirmation of your credit card payment.
    We accept :Visa, Mastercard, JCB,AMEX and Diners Club.
    * Due to the rule change by VISA and MasterCard, transactions cannot be settled with cards
    that do not support 3D Secure after November 5, 2021.
    This applies to VISA and MasterCard brand cards that do not support 3D Secure from the card issuer.
    If the card issuer supports 3D Secure, you will still be able to make payments
    even if you have not applied for 3D Secure.
    If the credit card does not support 3D Secure, a transaction error will occur.
    Please contact your credit card issuer directly to find out if your credit card is eligible for 3D Secure.

    [Enjoy safe and secure shopping with GMO-PG security systems.]
    SSL encryption technology is used in PG Multi Payment Service.
    You can be assured that your card number is encrypted and sent directly to Card company,
    Credit card information is not sent to LISN.
    Credit card receipt is not issued in this card payment system.
    Please confirm that you have received confirmation from the card company.
    For security purposes, you cannot use a credit card which has a different name than the purchaser.
  • 4. Shipping
    Items are shipped via EMS (Express Mail Service), and can take approximately two weeks to arrive.
    It is not possible to specify the exact date the package is to be delivered.
    When your order has been shipped, we will send you an email notification with your tracking number. Please track your shipment online.
    * Extra charges (Import duties, VAT or others) shall be paid by Purchaser if they are imposed. These charges are decided at the customs of receiving country. We can neither predict nor provide estimates for such fees.
    * If the parcel is returned to “Lisn” due to refusing to pay extra charges, customers shall be responsible for paying shipping cost.
    * Shipments to some countries and regions may experience delays. Also, some destinations may not be able to receive a shipment.
    * We are not responsible for any problems in transit after your order has been shipped.
Handling of customers’ personal information
We will not use your personal information for purposes other than the following:
(1) To offer our services, including shipping products to our customers.
(2) To send our customers information by email or the like.
(3) To communicate with our customers concerning billing information, responses to inquiries, and other issues.
(4) To further improve the products and services we are offering.
  • Products are intended for sales to consumers only.
  • We do not accept orders for the purpose of resale or redistribution.
  • Due to company policy, we may not be able to accept orders in certain instances. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.
  • If the information regarding the name, address, phone number, email address and the like provided at the time of order is incomplete, and if we are unable to contact you, your order will be canceled.
  • Although we have sufficient stock on hand, occasionally some items may be temporarily out of stock.
  • Please note that all specifications listed in our catalog are subject to change without notice.

国際郵便が一時的に受け付けられない国・地域については、日本郵便のウェブサイトで取り扱い状況をご確認ください。 ご不便をおかけして申し訳ありません。

Due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, EMS shipments to some countries and regions have been suspended.
Orders for the area concerned are closed.
In addition, delivery is delayed even in countries and regions where shipping has not been suspended. For countries/regions where EMS is temporarily unavailable, please check the handling status on the Japan Post website.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

*Japan Post information


From June 1, 2022, the EMS special surcharge has changed.
For more information, please see the website of Japan Post.

*Notification of Revision of EMS and International Parcel Rates and Addition of Tentative Extra Charges

Agree with terms, please order from International Order Form.

Catalog(pdf file) Incense List International Order Form

--- Attention --- Incense prices will change starting June 1, 2023. >>>> DETAIL